Magnus O.

Magnus Olsen is a renowned sports physiologist and physical therapist with immense knowledge in physical training. He is an army veteran who suffered from many injuries before transitioning into the fitness and wellness industry. Due to his fascination with strength training, he took up powerlifting as a sport. Through his passion and perseverance, Magnus has been able to overcome multiple injuries, which ultimately inspired him to study physical therapy. As a strength training coach, he has helped numerous individuals achieve their fitness goals. He has a particular passion for heavy lifting and strongman events. Magnus is an inspiration to many, and his expertise in the field of sports physiology and physical therapy is invaluable.

man performing heavy squats one rep max 1rm calculator repetition

One Repetition Max Calculator for Bench, Deadlift and Squats

Do you want to know your one repetition max (1RM) or one rep max, for bench, deadlift and squats? But you don’t want to get under that heavy bar today. Here is a simple calculator back by science to help you have a good estimate of your 1RM. For you geeks, we will also break down the equations used and their accuracy. Don’t feel bad about being a geek, we are all geeks here.

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