Rhodiola the Warrior Herb – How Vikings Prepared for Battle

Fit man and woman in work out clothes standing in front of a mountain range and their shadows are viking warriors. Caption "Rhodiola the Warrior Herb."

Natural Battlefield Performance Enhancer

Athletes have always looked for ways to best their competitors.  If you are looking for a natural performance enhancer, you should be taking Rhodiola the Warrior Herb.  Before doping with unnatural steroids, the prominent performance enhancer was Rhodiola (1).  This herb has been used for centuries to cope with the cold climate that it grew in and increased resistance to high-altitude sickness.

The Great Viking Warriors

Viking warriors have become very popular in recent culture.  The bearded, tattooed warriors would likely fit right in on any city street in America.  Those ancient Viking warriors used Rhodiola before battle to improve battlefield performance.  When life was on the line, these men and women took Rhodiola Rosea to kill, and not be killed.  In our modern society, many competitors are taking this herb as an endurance enhancer (1).  You will find Rhodiola as the primary ingredient in many pre-workouts on the market.

Becoming Stronger and Faster

Every kid on the playground wants to be stronger and faster.  I never grew out of this desire, you probably haven’t either.  Or maybe you just don’t want your muscles to atrophy as you age.  Rhodiola Rosea is shown to make exercise seem easier by enhancing psychophysiological response to exercise performance.  This means people feel less fatigued when taking Rhodiola and exercising than people who performed the same workout but unknowingly took a placebo (2).  Rhodiola is an Adaptogen, which helps your body be more efficient and effective at producing and using hormones.  Unlike steroids which are synthetically provided hormones our body already makes; adaptogens help your body make these hormones themselves.

Getting a Physical and Mental Edge

Rhodiola is shown to improve physical work capacity and improved average examination results for individuals taking high-stress examinations with Rhodiola (3).  As an adaptogen, Rhodiola helps the body enhance performance during stress.  Our body produces and releases different chemicals or hormones in response to fatigue.  Adaptogens like Rhodiola improve our body’s natural production and use of these substances.  Enhancing the body’s ability to use stress means if you are under mental fatigue you will have higher psychological endurance.  If your body is under physical stress like exercise you will have more physical endurance.

How Often and When to Take Rhodiola

People who have taken Rhodiola daily have continued to show improvements in physical endurance. Daily use of Rhodiola the Warrior Herb was shown to increase the endurance capacity of individuals during an incremental exercise test all the way to exhaustion (3).  For best results, Rhodiola should be taken daily as part.  Daily use will lead to compounding results in a physical training program.  Continually increasing gains is possible by allowing the muscles to be fatigued to higher and higher levels.

How Much Rodiola the Warrior Herb Should You Take

The amount of Rhodiola was shown to have an evident antifatigue effect with 170mg to 600mg daily.  Studies report no adverse side effects for individuals undergoing a moderate level of fatigue and stress (4,5). The amount of Rhodiola needed to be toxic is so high that it would be challenging to ingest in the amounts of 235,000mg or 1/2 a pound.

Other Adaptogens

There are quite a few other adaptogens, two that are also frequently used by athletes are Ashwagandha and Ginseng.  Taking these adaptogens together can have compounding and synergistic effects.

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