The Best Way of Choosing a Gym, beautiful gym with free weights and cardio equipment.

The Best Way Of Choosing A Gym To Ensure Your Fitness Success

Many people want to change their life through exercise but get stopped at the first hurdle of choosing a gym. Fortunately, the right gym can be a great fitness motivator. We will help you make the best decision for you and your fitness success.

Young fit woman performing Smith Machine Bench Press in a blue top and red shorts.

Your How-To Smith Machine Bench Press Guide – Why, Form and Tips

Do you want to improve your bench press, build your chest or bench press while overcoming shoulder problems? These are all good reasons to do the Smith Machine Bench Press. Using the Smith Machine makes this more of a …


6 Best Leg Exercises for Tree Trunk Size Leg Development

Your Quadriceps are the largest muscle group in your legs, and many exercises develop these muscles. Here is a list of must-do lifts to build massive quads and all around defined legs.


Lunges – Your How to Guide for Form, Tips, and Variations

You should be performing lunges frequently if you want to strengthen glutes, quads, and hamstrings. Here is a great guide with benefits, tips, and variations so you can do lunges right and keep lunges fun.


35 Common Workout Mistakes You Must Not Make at the Gym

Most people think they are experts at working out since we all had to go to gym class. That is why it is amazing that people at the gym make these common workout mistakes that are preventing huge gains.


How to Increase Your Bench Press For Maximum Results Now

Everyone has a slightly different form, for their body type when bench pressing.  If you are looking at how to increase bench press, read this.

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