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6 Best Leg Exercises for Tree Trunk Size Leg Development

Your Quadriceps are the largest muscle group in your legs, and many exercises develop these muscles. Here is a list of must-do lifts to build massive quads and all around defined legs.


7 of the Best Back Exercises for Bodybuilding and Strength Training

Many people struggle to build their back because they limit the lifts they do that focus on building a strong back. These back exercises are essential for anyone who is building a well-rounded physic.


Tricep Dips – Best Practices, Tutorial, Breakdown, Do’s and Don’ts

These dips are great for developing your triceps. Unfortunately, most people perform chest dips and believe they are building their arms and are not. Make sure you are doing tricep dips correctly with this tutorial.


Side Lunge – Your Guide to Proper From, Tips, and Variations

Doing single leg squats is a great way to isolate one leg at a time, but can be very difficult to execute.  The side lunge provides a great base for balance while isolating the same muscle groups as a single leg squat.


Lunges – Your How to Guide for Form, Tips, and Variations

You should be performing lunges frequently if you want to strengthen glutes, quads, and hamstrings. Here is a great guide with benefits, tips, and variations so you can do lunges right and keep lunges fun.


Female Bodybuilding Legend and Fitness Model Sharon Bruneau

Sharon Bruneau, part Métis part French Canadian, began her career as a fashion model. She remained very successful until contracting strong pneumonia which caused her to lose a lot of weight. Though, soon after her recovery, Sharon Bruneau began to train with weights to regain the weight she needed to get back to modeling.


Dumbbell Concentration Curls – Form, Tips and Variations

Dumbbell Concentration Curl is an isolation movement exercise with the primary purpose to peak your arm’s biceps, especially the Brachialis (outside part of biceps).  You can perform Dumbbell concentration curls in a variety of ways: sitting, standing or in a kneeling position.


Seated Calf Raise Machine – Guide, Tips, and Variations

he Seated Calf Raise is a safe, easy to perform isolation exercise that targets the soleus muscle of the calf. This exercise targets the soleus muscle better than many of the other calf exercises.


Hammer Curl – Your Guide to Form, Tips, Mistakes, and Alternatives

Hammer Curls are a staple to any bicep routine. If you are looking to develop long and bulging biceps check out these tips on proper hammer Curls.


What Does Cardio Do – How to Do It Better and the Benefits

Cardio (or aerobic exercise) refers to exercise that involves or improves oxygen consumption by the body. Aerobic means “with oxygen”, and refers to the use of oxygen in the body’s metabolic or energy-generating process.

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