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man doing heavy squats as part of a lower upper x2 LULU protocol

Lower Upper X2 (LULU) 4 Day Protocol

Are you in search of a Powerlifting Protocol that can help you build strong muscles and a defined physique? You’re not alone, as many individuals aspire to lift like a powerlifter while also looking like a bodybuilder. We have an excellent solution for you to enhance your strength and achieve your fitness goals with the incredible LULU protocol.
Man Tattoo on his chest doing squats for Upper Lower 2 Day Protocol

Upper Lower 2 Day Protocol: For Powerlifting and Developing Strength

Are you in search of a straightforward and powerful strength training routine that only requires 2 days? Some doubters may claim that working out only twice a week is not effective, but they are mistaken. The Upper Lower 2 Day Protocol is a highly effective program for building strength. The only catch is that it is so effective in transforming your body that you will develop a strong desire to exercise more.
Man squatting 315lbs doing a full body protocol.

Full Body Protocol: For Building and Maintaining Strength

Are you in search of a single workout routine that targets your whole body? If you’re new to exercising or need a break from a more intense program, but still want to maintain your progress, then this program is perfect for you. The Full Body 3 Day Per Week Protocol is a well-rounded and adaptable program that will help you surpass your limits and reach your goals.
German Volume Training 3 Day Protocol feature image of man deadlifting

German Volume Training (GVT) 3 Day Protocol: For Muscle Growth

Are you tired of hitting plateaus and feeling stuck in your fitness journey? We understand the struggle and the burnout that can come with it. But fear not, because we have an incredible solution for you. In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to German Volume Training (GVT), a powerful protocol designed to unlock your full potential and help you crush your fitness goals. Get ready to say goodbye to plateaus and hello to amazing gains. Welcome to a world where your dream physique becomes a reality.
Man performing bench press as part of a push pull legs 3 day split

Push Pull Legs 3 Day Protocol (PPL): For Power and Strength

If you’re in search of a tried and tested workout plan to build muscle and get stronger, don’t worry! We’ve got the answer you’ve been looking for. Introducing the Push-Pull-Legs 3 Day Protocol – a complete strength training program created to help you crush your fitness targets and unleash your full potential. Brace yourself for a body transformation and take your fitness to a whole new level.
Classic 5x5 AB Split Protocol with a Mad Deadlifting

Classic 5×5 A-B 2-Day Split Protocol Download

Struggling to build strength and achieve your fitness goals? Look no further! Introducing the classic 5×5 A-B split routine, a proven solution to help you reach new heights of strength and muscle mass. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to a transformative fitness journey. Unleash your inner powerhouse with this incredible strength training protocol.

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