9 Phenomenal Gluteus Maximus Exercises For A Youthful Butt

Man and Woman with Phenomenal Gluteus Maximus Exercises For A Youthful Butt

Glute isolation exercises are a must for most athletes and weight lifters. Both men and women should be performing compound and isolation exercises that target their glutes. Here are some core Gluteus Maximus exercises that should be in every training program. Are they in Yours?

Why You Should Do Gluteus Maximus Exercises

“Do you specifically train your butt,” May seem like a silly question, but (punned intended) many people don’t think about training their butt, especially men. Now women think about training their butt a lot more than men. Do a youtube search for gluteus maximus exercises, and you will get mostly video targeted for women. So men, don’t just think that women are only checking out other women’s behinds and comparing them. Women are comparing men’s backsides too. This article from Men’s Health puts a “nice butt” way above big biceps on what women check out in men. 8 Things She Wants More Than a Six-Pack. You may think that your fitness program is complete since you have exercises that incorporate your glutes already.

Why Train Your Butt When So Many Compound Exercises Activate Your Glutes

Even though you may train your butt from doing squats and deadlifts or cleans, without doing more focused training on your Glutes, you will limit your strength gains. More than likely, you are performing isolated exercises for most of the other core muscle groups. In fact, your butt is your largest muscle group and your Gluteus Maximus is your biggest muscle. As such, if you are performing isolation exercise for your quads or triceps, then you should be performing them for your Glutes also.

9 Gluteus Maximus Exercise to Build The Perfect Posterior

We are starting with activation exercises then we will go into some core Glute building exercises. You may have heard the term activation frequently when it comes to fitness and muscle building. Consequently, activation can mean a number of different things. The goal of strength training is to activate a muscle until you get a physiological response for the muscle to grow or get stronger. That is the overall goal with these exercises and first, we want to activate the Glutes by warming them up so that we can put them under more stress.

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5 Gluteus Maximus Exercises To Activate And Prepare Your Butt

These exercises can be considered a warm-up or dynamic stretching to get your glutes ready for some loaded exercises. Besides adding some bands for the side to side crabs, you don’t need to add any resistance.

Squats. The easiest way to activate your glutes when doing squats is to squeeze them at the top. To incorporate your glutes more you can also point your toes our at 45-degrees and bend forward at the bottom.
Reverse Lunges. To do a reverse lunge all you need to change is step back and then back up instead of stepping forward. You will be using your Gluteus Maximus on the front leg, that is what you should focus on here. Obviously, you should work both side equally.
Squat Side Kicks or Side to Side Crab Walk. When doing squat side kicks lift your leg with your butt. If you prefer to do side to side crab walks you should use a band around your legs. This is to work your Gluteus Medius.
Bridges. Bridges are a great hip thrust warm up. You can also use bridges to warmup for deadlifting. Again, squeeze your butt.

5 Weighted Gluteus Maximus Exercises To Grow Your Butt

If this isn’t the first article you have read on glute training, then you know that Hip Thrust is the primary Glute Isolation Exercise. If you get only one thing out of this article that is you should be adding Hip Thrust to your exercise program. You can easily add this after you do squats or deadlifts since it will improve both of those lifts. Although, you should really ensure that all of these exercises are in your program somewhere.

Hip Thrusts. This exercise is the closest to a true Gluteus Maximus isolation exercise there is. If you are not familiar with the hip thrust you should get familiar. Do this, it will help you get stronger.
Goblet Squats. The key to goblet squats is the weight is more forward, this is what will force you to incorporate your glutes more.
Single Leg Stiff Leg Deadlifts. This is a great exercise that you can do without a lot of equipment and will target you butt one cheek at a time.
Hyperextensions or Good Mornings. Both of these exercises you may consider lower back exercises, but there is a lot of recruitment in your glutes as well. Specifically, if you focus on squeezing your glutes as you pull yourself up you will get a great burn.
Kettlebell Swings. One of the beauties of the kettlebell swing is it can bee used at the end of a workout to put your whole body over the top. Or you can use it as a warm up exercise. Some people develop great posteriors from this exercise alone. Remember to squeeze you but at the top and you will be sure to feel it.

Putting These Exercises Into A Workout Plan

If you are looking for a way to train your glutes with these exercises in a concise plan. Here it is Your Glute Isolation Workout Plan – Developing The Perfect Posterior.

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