Your Glute Isolation Workout Plan – Developing The Perfect Posterior

Fit woman with nice but peforming a glute isolation workout plan.

A beautiful butt is one of the most commonly sought after physical features of the opposite sex. Since your butt consists of the biggest muscles in your body, it deserves an excellent glute isolation workout plan. Here is your plan to get the most squeeze out of those cheeks.

Who Will This Glute Isolation Workout Plan Work For

Having a firm and round behind is considered by both sexes as a great asset. However, it is mostly women who seek out glute isolation workout plans. Likewise, women seek out ways to improve their posterior more than men. Consequently, men, you may need a little more encouragement on why this workout plan could benefit you.

Benefits Of Performing A Glute Isolation Workout Plan

  • Improve Your Overall Strength And Athletic Performance. This benefit is for the weight lifters, powerlifters, and recreational strength trainers. If you do isolation training for your chest, such as flys, then why wouldn’t you do isolation training for your gluteus maximus. As your quads in squats are as you triceps in the bench press, your glutes in squats are as your chest in the bench press. Additionally, your glutes are one of the leading muscle groups used in deadlifting and cleaning as well. So if you want to lift more in squats, cleans, deadlifts, and many other lifts, than you should work your glutes.
  • It Will Increases Your Visual Appeal. Remember, both ladies and men like to see round firm butts. 
  • Your Posture Will Improve and Can Reduce Back Pain. The Gluteus Maximus is one of the major muscles that support keeping your lower back straight. Your Gluteus Maximus erects you from the hips when you bend over to pick something up. You have likely heard someone say, “don’t lift with your back.” However, in reality, you are lifting mostly with you Gluteus Maximus, your back muscles are only stabilizing.

Glute Training Benefits Broken Down By Coach and Author Brian Klepacki

(GLUTE Strength Benefits) WHY You Need STRONG GLUTES

The Glute Isolation Workout Plan Exercises

The exercises we will use are broken up into two categories of warmup/activations exercises and resistance/muscle-building exercises. There are four activation exercises and they are meant to be done with no resistance when performing this as a Glute Isolation Workout Plan. If you are looking for ways to add glute isolation to your current training then add in some of these exercises.

The 4 Warmup/Activations Exercises are:

For all of these exercises, they’re recommended to do for time. You should not be burning yourself out on these exercises, they should be warming up and activating your behind. If you are just starting out, begin with the 1 minute per exercise, and increase the time for each training session, until you are at a max of 3 minutes.

Squats. Perform unweighted squats for 1 – 3 minutes at a rhythmic pace with no rest. When we mean no rest only do slight pauses at the top and bottom.
Reverse Lunges. These are also known as a step back lunges.
Squat Side Kicks or Side to Side Crab Walk. If you have the room to do the crab walk for more than 10 feet, that can be preferred. Although, if you have limited space performing the crab walk back and forth or the squat sidekick are natural substitutes, that will work well to activate your glutes. These should also be done for 1 – 3 minutes.
Bridges. Bridges are a great hip thrust warm up. You can also use bridges to warmup for deadlifting. Again, squeeze your butt.

The Resistance/Muscle-Building Portion of the Workout Plan

These exercises can be used with standard progressive overload training. Or you can use them with more advanced techniques such as speed strength training, drop sets o,r max effort training. If you are using a conjugate method training style, then you should add these exercises to your training if you haven’t been doing them. If you are not into advance training method and the above types of training are foreign terms to you, then here is a great progressive overload style Glute Isolation Workout Plan.

For progressive overload, the goal is to increase the weight or reps for each training session. To maximize your gains we are going to break the training into a 3-workout cycle. Of course, the results are up to you and will depend on how hard you push yourself.

The 3 Workout Cycle

This cycle will consist of two days of higher reps and lower weight and one day of higher weight and lower reps. The number of reps and sets will depend on the exercise though and that will be broken down next. Each Training session should have a minimum of 3 days rest inbetween and a maximum of 6.

The 5 Glute Resistance/Muscle-Building Exercises Are:

Hip Thrusts. As the primary glute isolation exercise, you will get the most “bang for you buck here”.
Goblet Squats. The challenge with this exercise is you may not be able to hold as much weight as your glutes can take. You can always let the weight hang between your legs if this is the case. Consequently, we will use lower weights and more reps. Again, for the first two cycles, you will do 3 sets, but this exercise you will do 10 – 15 reps. For the last set on the end of the second cycle go until you can’t go anymore.  For the third cycle try to increase the weight to by 15% and do a 5 set of 5 rep cycle.
Single-Leg Stiff Leg Deadlifts. Pe
Hyperextensions or Good Mornings. Per
Kettlebell Swings. This exercise is in a class of its own. If you don’t have access to large enough kettlebells, you can use a dumbbell by holding it at one end. If you use a dumbbell be careful to not hit the floor. For cycles 1 and 2 do 3 sets of 15 – 25 reps. If you can do 25 reps increase the weight until you can only to 15 if possible. For cycle 3 increase the weight to a 10 rep cycle of 5 sets.

We cover these exercises in more detail here in 9 Phenomenal Gluteus Maximus Exercises For A Youthful Butt.

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