How You Get Into Physique Modeling And Become A Fitness Model

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You need to take care of your body if you want to get into physique modeling. Take caution since there are a lot of resources on how to pursue a fitness modeling career and they are not all good.

Being a fitness model alone won’t make you rich, although you will have a lot of fun. Most models enjoy the exposure, and a have fund doing presentations, photoshoots, commercials and featuring in magazines. If you want to make a lot of money, then you must also get good at the business side of modeling. Before we get into how to become a fitness model, we must talk about what a model is not.

What a Fitness Model Is:

  • A person who looks fit and healthy has muscle definition and is either feminine or athletic.
  • Fitness models are sexy and attractive, commercial look and athletic body shape, and has a great smile.
  • A Fitness model is someone who is living a healthy lifestyle.
  • A man or woman working out in a gym and does various sports activities, who is constantly involved in the fitness industry as professional or contestant
  • Someone who is hired to market fitness clothes, products, equipment or services within the sports fitness industry.
  • A Fitness model is someone who remains tone and in shape throughout the year and is ready for photoshoot calls and signing new contracts or presentations.

What a Fitness Model is Not:

  • The girl dressed in fitness clothes.
  • A Model wearing gym gear.
  • Someone who has been exercising just for 12 weeks.
  • A catwalk model who is marketing sports collection.
  • A swimwear or playboy model.
  • That guy or girl who has been photographed by a professional one time.

Fitness model is not a bodybuilder who is training for a bodybuilding contest. There is no need for a fitness model to have different stages of training like muscle bulking or getting too lean

Rob Riches is a Fitness Model

Rob Riches has made his living as a fitness influencer on Youtube and here is his story.

Can You Be A Fitness Model? | Q&A with Rob Riches

What It Takes to Have a Career in Physique Modeling

  • Discipline
  • Dedication
  • Will power
  • Time management
  • Consistent training
  • Proper Diet
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Ability to listen to constructive criticism 
  • Goals and a plan
  • Having a clear vision
  • Staying positive even if being rejected
  • Being a good role model 

Where to Start

In order to get started, you have to get noticed. Fitness, figure and bodybuilding contests are an excellent way to get seen. You can either compete or attend. To pursue a career in physique modeling, you will need to choose the right category for your body type. For woman, bodybuilding contests are broken down into figure, bikini, muscle or fitness sports model contests.

Jen Jewell Got Her Start In Physique Modeling Through Contests

Jen Jewell's Fitness Model Transformation | Lost 45 lbs & 21% Bodyfat

Ways To Get Noticed In The Fitness Modeling World

Get Out And Network

You should send your photos and info to some magazines, but don’t get upset if you get rejected. If you are going to promote yourself you will get some rejections. If you hire someone else to be your agent, they will handle some of the rejection for you. The Modeling Factory in Miami Florida is a modeling agency owned by a mother turned model through a fitness contest and now business owner. You may have heard of she is known as JNL (Jenifer Nicole Lee).

Develop A Large Portfolio

Create good folio with fitness shots. Get involved in as many photoshoots as possible. Try to work with the best fitness photographers in the industry, some of them may help you to publish some of your best photos as well. Learn to create different and unique images of yourself.

Use A Modeling Agency

Get a modeling agency or agent to help you. It is illegal for an agency to charge upfront fees for photographic and fashion models, so don’t get scammed into giving away your money to frauds. A good agency should view you as an asset and a client not as a customer.

Market Your Own Product or Service

Many fitness models are also personal trainers. These two professions can be very synergistic. Since your fitness clients will see you know how to get results as a model.

Get Your Photos Seen

It will likely not be enough to post fitness pictures on Instagram. Although you could start there, but get some real exposure you need to get your photos seen by other influencers. Try to get involved in internet photo contests and create profiles on modeling and fitness web sites.

Make Some Friends In The Industry

Interact with other fitness professionals and media in the industry. Attend events, mixers, socials, and expos.
Participate in all fitness expos, events, and workshops that you can.

Be Careful And Safe

Not everyone in the modeling world is there to help you. Most people are there to help themselves. Also to be a legitimate fitness model you want to avoid the porn industry at all cost. Avoid any agency that hides behind a PO box and has no address or contact number. Use your common sense and if it seems to good to be true, take extra caution. Take someone with you to all of your shoots, especially the first time with new people.

You Have What It Takes

If you have the desire, then you have what it takes. The farther you have to climb the better your story will be and more people will relate with you. Here is some more motivation from IFBB Bikini Pro Katrina Freds who went from Janitor to fitness model.

High School Janitor Becomes Fitness Model | IFBB Bikini Pro Katrina Freds

What Now – Get Yourself Out There

You will never be a fitness model if you just keep reading about it. One of the most important things you need to do in physique modeling is to have a fit physique. As such don’t forget to stay active and train. Check out these workouts to stay on top of your game.

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How You Get Into Physique Modeling And Become A Fitness Model

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