How to read nutrition labels like a pro.

Learn How to Read Nutrition Labels Like a Pro – Step by Step Guide

Most people think that they know exactly what a nutrition label is telling them. You will be surprised at how much these labels are designed to manipulate. Stop being manipulated and learn to read nutrition labels like a pro.

Women in a wedding dress showing her back cleavage from excess back fat.

How You Can Get Rid of Back Fat With These 4 Simple Steps

Lots of people work hard to get rid of fat around their gut, thighs, and arms. These are all great goals, but there’s another problem area you should consider: your back.


Phytonutrients (Phytochemicals) – Quick Reference Benefits and Sources

Phytonutrients are naturally occurring chemicals found in plants that has health benefits.  Many of these benefits are similar to medicine, and much of the research into phytochemical validates natural remedies and ancient medicines.

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