Medical News Says Eat More FAT

A 135,335 people study shows for better health we should eat more fat and fewer carbohydrates.  This article in Medical News Today discusses a very comprehensive study of what’s in a healthy diet.  There are some pretty simple takeaways.  We should eat more fat, fewer carbs, some raw fruit and vegetables, and some legumes daily.  There were no magic numbers for how much fat or how few carbs we should eat.  Only those people who had higher fat diets and lower carb diets were in better health.

First, eat More Fat. Second, eat fewer Carbs

We need to eat good fats. Not the American favorites of deep-fat fried food.  What type of food do you imagine when you think of American cuisine?  Do you think of healthy salads, or do you think of hamburgers?  When you think of hamburgers do you think of french fries?  That is pretty silly considering that the French probably consider their American cuisine.  When I imagine Italian food, I imagine pasta and carbs. Now when I think of Japanese food I think of Sushi.  For American food, I think of steak and potatoes.  All these dishes are high in carbs and somewhat high in fat.  So how do we increase our fat intake with good fat?  Here is a short list of foods to consider that have good fats: coconuts and their oil, fish, dairy, flax and chia seeds, and other nuts.

Third, eat about 1 lb of raw fruits and vegetables a day, and don’t forget legumes.

The study also shows that a key to better health is eating fruits and vegetables.  We have all heard that for years but How much should we eat for health?  The study shows that people who eat .8 to 1.1 pounds (375-500 grams) of raw fruit, vegetables, and legumes a day had better health.  Some countries’ cuisines have it right. When I think of Mexican it seems like every dish has rice and beans, at least they have legumes as a staple.  The Spanish also have it right with their Gazpacho, a fresh vegetable cold soup.

Eat good job fat, fewer simple carbs, and more fruits and vegetables to live a healthy life.

This sounds a lot like a Paleo or Keto diet.  You may like this news since it will validate your life choices. Or maybe you will rethink some of your eating choices after reading this.

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