How BCAAs Supplements Can Slow Muscle Growth

BCAA can slow muscle growth.

Bodybuilders who use BCAA Supplements take them to increase muscle gains.  If that is you, your muscle gains may have plateaued, and here is why it might be those BCAAs.  You will reconsider how you get your Amino-Acids after reading this.

Science Behind BCAA

The branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are leucine, valine, and isoleucine. People spend millions of dollars because they think BCAAs can increase muscle growth. (1) The fact that BCAA supplementation may stimulate muscle protein synthesis and, in turn, muscle growth may be a myth.  If you are looking to stimulate muscle growth, there may be a better way.

BCAAs vs. EAAs

Most everyone I know that takes BCAAs does so to improve muscle anabolism (growth), and some people take BCAA to increase energy.  There is more evidence that BCAA supplementation may STUNT muscle growth. (1)

BCAAs vs EAAs Supplements What's the difference & which one is better

Complete Proteins Stimulate Muscle Growth

Multiple studies show how taking a protein that has all the Essential Amino Acids (EAAs), like, Whey or Soy protein does improve muscle growth.  Whey and Soy protein are complete proteins because they have all the EAAs.  Taking protein approximately 30 minutes after exercise enhances protein synthesis and muscle growth.  Then when you take EAAs, your body can make all the non-essential Amino Acids.

Taking BCAA Supplements can reduce the ability to produce Aminos

Most BCAA supplements have multiple other ingredients that you don’t need and a lot of non-essential Amino Acids.  non-essential amino acids are the Amino Acids that your body can produce out the essential Amino Acids.  EAAs are the Amino Acids that your body cannot produce.  Your body can, however, produce ALL the non-essential Amino Acids from the EAAs.

Take an EAA Supplement or Complex Protein

The three most common complex protein sources are whey, soy, and eggs.  The complex protein sources do contain different amounts of non-essential amino acids as well.  Most importantly, they contain all the essential Amino Acids.  If you take only BCAA or a non-complex protein source, you are lacking key ingredients to build muscle.

Stop Slowing Your Bodies Amino Production

Now, if you start taking a lot of non-essential amino acids, you may be stunting your body’s ability to produce them.  When you take non-essential amino acids, your body does not need to produce them. Once you don’t need to produce them, your body stops these processes.  When you stop taking the BCAA supplement, your body is slow to get back to the higher level of production of the amino acids.

Turn Your Body Into an Amino Production Machine

By taking a complete protein, your body will produce the non-essential amino acids.  You are stimulating and streamlining the production of all these muscle-building amino acids.  Your body is turning into an amino acid factory, and the assembly line is getting optimized.  Unlike taking BCAA Supplements that could slow your amino acid production, you are raising the production level.  You are then having your body produce the exact kind and quantity of amino acids it needs for protein synthesis.

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