How To Build Better Relationships With Fitness Dates

How To Build Better Relationships With Fitness Dates - If you are looking to build lasting relationships. You will likely go for a run, hike or climb for your next date after reading this.

It Takes Effort to Stay in Shape and Keep Your Relationship Fresh

Exercise isn’t always fun, but it can be.  Especially with your spouse if you encourage each other.  Positive affirmations from your significant other mean more than any compliment from a stranger.  With a little encouragement, you can stay in shape and strengthen relationships with fitness dates.

Extreme Fitness Dates

The couple featured in this video gets closer through intense fitness dates.  They seem to be having a lot of fun and have high energy.  You may ask how could give I give-up date nights for morning exercise routines that would take 4 hours.  That is some strong motivation to exercise.  They may be a little over the top for me but, this couple has some good recommendations.  The best thing I like is they believe in having fun together. For us, we are more about making our exercise routines as efficient as possible, though.  What they are doing might be what it takes to be “insanely fit” as they call it, but could it be done for less than 4 hours at a time?

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3 Rules – Plan, Spend Time Outside, and Have an Open Mind

The other three rules this couple lives by are pretty good, and simple.  Plan, spend time outside, and have an open mind.  These rules I can agree with and I will continue to try to follow myself.  Though, “No Battle Plan Ever Survives First Contact With the Enemy.” or “No plan survives contact with one child, let alone three.”

Fitness as Daily Time Together

My wife and I have done exercise routines together.  A few years ago we did the original P90X together, that was when we only had two kids under 4.  Before we were finished with the entire program, we were pregnant with our 3rd child.  It wasn’t easy to make time to work out together; we just woke up early.  We mean early, some of those workouts are an hour and a half.  Who has an hour and a half to carve out of their schedule 6 days a week?  It was nice having a partner, to motivate each other.  Most mornings neither of us wanted to start, but we kept pushing play.  Exercising together didn’t seem to bring us closer, but reaching our goals together did.  When your spouse is encouraging you and rooting for you who else do you need?

If you still need ways to get motivated. You should both check out 20 Simple Ways to Get Motivated.

Better Results in Less Time

We were pretty excited when we found that P90X3 was only 30 minutes.  So after our third child was born and we wanted to do some couples exercising, we used the shorter workout videos in P90X3.  To our surprise, we got in better shape working out less.  I don’t think we ever had as much fun as this couple appears to be having in this video.  We also sacrificed our morning routine, not our date nights. Or we improved our morning routine depending on how you look at it.  Whatever the sacrifice we were definitely in better shape after P90X3 than with P90X.  It must have been all the HITT routines incorporated into P90X3.  If you are trying to get started working out and want to do it at home here is a link to Tony Horton’s P90X3 DVD Workout Complete set it is an excellent place to start and learn. Remember to keep pushing play; it takes a goal and some motivation.

Fitness as Family

When the youngest of our three daughters turned 4.5 we were able to start taking Tae Kwon Do as a family.  Tae Kwon Do is a fun, fitness activity for the family.  We all love it, and we can do it all year long, and you can do it at almost any age.  Our family is growing closer together, it is like we have fitness dates a couple of times a week.

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