Mark Wahlberg: Planning, Trust and Faith by the Math

Here are some great takeaways from “The Evolution of Mark Wahlberg“. His philosophy of trusting your own knowledge and doing the math is insightful.  Using your low time for planning is excellent as well.  I don’t know why I found it surprising that he prays every night and attends church regularly.

Trust Your Own Knowledge

Mark Wahlberg does not use a personal trainer and he attributes why to trusting his own knowledge.  He probably didn’t start from scratch, and he has been into fitness for a while.  So, it is not like he just walked into the gym the first time and knew what to do.  Many people should definitely get a personal trainer. They have a lot to offer.

Should You Get a Personal Trainer or Trust Your Knowledge?

If you don’t have the knowledge of how to plan your exercises and diet to reach your goals, then a personal trainer might be for you.  You can learn from personal trainers, they are teachers, coaches, and planners.  Once you gain the knowledge, you may be able to ditch the personal trainer and do it on your own.  Some people still keep a trainer even if they have the knowledge.  Another thing personal trainers do is provide some outside motivation.  Most people are more likely to go to the gym if they are forking out hundreds of dollars.  Or if you personal trainer comes to your house, it is hard to turn them away.  Once you start your workout, a personal trainer will give you motivation all along the way to get the exercises done.  Personal trainers also ensure you have good form and they formulate a workout plan based on your goals so you don’t have too.  Eventually though, if you are continuously improving, most other people aren’t so you are likely to bypass your personal trainer’s abilities.

Simple Addition and Subtractions

Could you ask yourself two simple questions before every decision?  Does this add or subtract from my life?  If it subtracts will the subtraction be worth it?  That question seems simple but it is really hard to answer.  Mark Wahlberg says this is how he makes his decisions.  Before you could even do that you would have to know what you are adding to or subtracting from.  You must have a goal in mind.  If you have no destination you are sure to get there no matter what path you take.  Once you have a goal, you add to or subtract from your progress to that goal.  So what happens when you fall off the road to your goal or get totally sidetracked or blindsided?

Revaluate and Planning

If you have been derailed from tracking toward your goals, then it would seem like it is a good time to regroup and reevaluate your plan.  This is what Mark Wahlberg does he makes his plan in the low times in life.  Everyone has ups and downs, highs and lows.  You should also plan at some of the highs, like when you have reached one of your goals.  That is one of the most important times to reflect and look ahead to set another benchmark.  If you don’t look ahead and start planning for the future after you have reached a destination will start to coast back down.  You may ride out the high for a little bit, but you will be on your way back down if you don’t plan.

From Prison to Faith - Mark Wahlberg Motivational & Inspirational Video

Keeping the Faith

You can’t just keep the faith in the highs or in the lows.  Mark Wahlberg has seen that focusing on his faith as a Catholic keeps him on the right track.  He believes that more good things happen when he focuses on his faith and it keeps him happier.  I am glad that is working for him, but your faith and beliefs can’t be dependent on how you feel.  If you base your faith on being happy, then you may struggle in the lows.  If you only search out for help in faith during the lows, then you will grow farther away in faith while you are on at a high point.  The real key is to have consistent faith through it all, giving glory and praise in the highs and the lows.

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