4 Musts for Sticking to a Diet

Fit woman with a six pack in the produce isle of the grocery store. Caption "4 Essential Practices for Sticking to a Diet."

If you want to lose weight, you must find a diet that works for you. Many people fail miserably at sticking to a diet, and this leads to many overly skeptical people when we talk about losing weight that works. No one wants to go through another painful episode of being hopeful about shedding those excess pounds and then failing miserably. Many people spend thousands of dollars on a diet plan only to lose some weight and gain it all back and more.  Usually, this is because we all fall right back into those old habits of eating. So what is the difference between diets that works and those that don’t deliver the results? How do you find a diet that works for you, one you can enjoy and get the results you are looking for?

#1: Stick to the Guidelines

Sticking to a diet is staying with the program.   Almost all diet programs can be beneficial if you are willing to stick to the guidelines. None of the programs work at all if you are not ready to adhere to the specific rules.  Rules usually are what we think about when we think about a diet.  You can eat this, but not that, you can have food at this time but not now.  Most diets use their rules to change your metabolism so your body will burn fat and not muscle. If you aren’t willing to adhere to the guidelines of the diet, you won’t be found sticking to a diet.

#2: Permanent Modification of Eating Habits

Diets that work over an extended period work to change your eating habits. The negative patterns that created that state of being overweight need to be replaced with more empowering eating habits. If you can change your eating habits, you can change your life.  If you make the right patterns, you will lose weight and maintain the trim figure you have gained through the diet program.  The best thing about developing these habits is that eventually, you will be following the rules of your diet without thinking about it.

#3: Belief System

Your belief system is what governs the way you think and act.  This in turn creates the eating patterns that result in the state of being overweight and needs to be changed with more empowering thoughts and an active belief system. By changing your belief, your thoughts and actions will change as well. If you can change your mental pictures of who you are you will be able to create the results you want.  If you see yourself as a person who eats healthy and feels good because of it, you will not want to indulge in those foods that make you feel bad.

#4: Finding Your Diet

Start researching diets that you have seen work for other people.  Now learn the rules of diets and write them down.  For each diet make a list of all the food that you could eat that you enjoy.  Then list all the food that you could not have that you eat a least once a week for each diet.  Now compare these lists to the one that has the most food that you could quickly make and enjoy with the least amount of food you would be giving up has a good chance of working for you.  Remember it is better if you can make this diet change in habits and lifestyle than a temporary shift that leads back to your old habits.

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Pinterest image of Fit woman with a six pack in the produce isle of the grocery store. Caption "4 Essential Practices for Sticking to a Diet."

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