Warning Signs That You’ve Picked A Bad Personal Trainer

Bad Personal Trainer Trying to Help Client Deadlift.

Like with all professions, there are some expert personal trainers out there, but there are also some just plain bad personal trainers. It’s important that you hire the right personal trainer for you because training the wrong way can not only keep you from your goals but might in fact injure you. Personal trainers are also expensive, so you want to be sure you’re spending your money well.

13 Warning Signs to Look Out For

Here are some warning signs of a bad personal trainer. You may need a new trainer if your trainer does any of the following:

  • doesn’t pay attention to you while you’re training
  • interrupts your session to talk to friends or take phone calls (unless it’s an emergency or can’t be avoided)
  • ignores or dismisses your questions, concerns, and needs
  • doesn’t explain things to you (has a “just do it” mentality)
  • works you too easy to placate you, rather than training you appropriately and challenging you so you can meet your goals
  • works you so hard that you’re in pain for days — soreness is normal, but you should still be able to get out of bed
  • neglects any part of a complete program
  • recommends questionable supplements or herbs — always talk to your doctor before you take anything
  • diagnoses injuries or illnesses instead of referring you to a doctor
  • doesn’t customize your training and nutrition program (uses a “one routine for all” approach)
  • doesn’t return your phone calls or emails
  • hasn’t worked with other clients with your same starting fitness level and age
  • hasn’t kept up with the latest ideas, research, and equipment

Another 10 Signs of a Bad Trainer

Top 10 Signs of a Bad Trainer - 10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Personal Trainer

What to Look For in A Personal Trainer

When looking for a personal trainer you should interview them and they should interview you. Your first session should be all about setting goals. A good personal trainer will develop a plan to help you meet your goals. You want to feel comfortable around the trainer. You also want to make sure they are certified, here are the best personal training certifications.

Signs of a Good Personal Trainer

Here’s what your personal trainer should do:

  • watch you, correct your alignment, and explain what you’re doing and why
  • motivate you
  • make sure you’re improving and making progress and adjust your workouts accordingly to keep you moving towards your goals

Find the Best Personal Trainer for You

If you’re having a problem with your personal trainer, talk to them. They may not be aware that there’s a problem.

If this doesn’t fix the problem or address your concerns, you can talk to the manager (if the trainer is part of a training company) or terminate your sessions and look for a different trainer.

Remember, it’s your money and your body. You have a right to get what you want from your training and a good trainer will understand that!

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