Overcoming the Most Common Excuses Used to Not Exercise

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Do you ever have those days when you just feel like skipping your workout? If so, you’re not alone. Even the most energetic people don’t always feel like exercising. Here is how you can overcome the most common excuses to not exercise.

Excuses can be like an avalanche, once you accept one more and more keep coming. The best way to overcome your excuses is to have a goal that motivates you more than the excuse. Most excuses are not real, sometimes they are legitimate, but don’t let the lame excuses become legitimate.

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The Most Common Excuses to Not Exercise — and How to Combat Them

Here are some common excuses you might use when you don’t feel like working out, and some useful strategies to help you combat them.

You Don’t Have Enough Time

Here are some time-related excuses that you might find yourself using to not exercise:

  • I’m too busy to work out. If your schedule is filled with important meetings, chores, and appointments, there are still plenty of good, efficient workout routines you can squeeze into your schedule. Try working out in the morning or during your lunch break. No matter how busy you are, you can find at least 30 minutes to work out during your day.
  • I have to work late. If you consistently work late, then get up early and do your workout in the morning before you go to work.
  • The gym is too far away. Even if you don’t have the time to get to the gym to work out every day, you can still get in great shape by working out at home. Buy a set of dumbbells and some resistance bands. You can also use stability balls to get a great workout. Home cardio workouts only require a good pair of running shoes, a jump rope, or even a bike.

You’re Not Physically Ready

You might make these excuses if you’re just not feeling physically ready to work out:

  • I don’t have enough energy to work out. If you often use this excuse, then it’s time to take a good look at your sleep, dietary, and workout habits. Many people need 7-8 hours of sleep every night, I function the best on 6-6.5 hours of sleep. If I sleep for more than 7 hours I feel sluggish. Find out what your optimal sleep is. You also need to eat and drink nutritious foods and beverages to get good quality calories. You should check your workout frequency; lethargy is a symptom of over-training. Exercise can increase your energy levels and help you feel better about yourself.
  • I hurt when I work out. Working out should never hurt. There’s a difference between working your muscles and hurting your body. If you have a lot of joint issues, you can try alternative types of workouts like yoga, walking, pilates, or swimming, which are relatively gentle on your body. You should not discontinue exercising altogether, but try lower intensity training to maintain your fitness.
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You’re Not Mentally Prepared

These are some common excuses you might make when you just don’t feel mentally prepared for your workout:

  • Working out is too hard. Your workouts don’t have to be hard. Find something you enjoy doing and work up from there. You just need to build a little confidence and realize how rewarding your workouts can be.
  • I can’t seem to stay motivated to continue working out. If you’re tired, stressed, or bored with your workouts, it’s hard to keep going. To combat that, change your workout routine every 4 to 6 weeks. Try a new exercise or change your workout intensity or time. Remind yourself every day what your goals are and what you have to do to reach them.
  • I can’t make the commitment to stick to a workout routine. You might feel overwhelmed when you look at your long-term fitness goals. Start with small goals, such as being more active every day by taking the stairs and moving around more. Decide to get up 10 minutes early to walk or lift weights. Over time, you can increase your workout time and try new things. For now, just worry about making it a daily habit.

Other Common Excuses

Here are a few more common excuses you might find yourself using:

  • I don’t have any clothes that I can work out in. You’re here for your health, not to walk the runway. Pull out your old pair of shorts and faded T-shirt and get going.
  • I don’t know what workout I should do. You can easily find information about fitness workouts on the Internet. Or, you can buy a fitness magazine, ask a friend who works out regularly for some workout tips, or hire a personal trainer.
  • I don’t have a training partner. Lots of people use this excuse to not go to the gym. If you do have a training partner, you might also use this excuse to skip your workout when your partner misses, too. But don’t let other people choose your destiny with your fitness progress. The gym should be for you, so don’t let others create obstacles or deter you from your fitness goals.
  • My ex works out at the same gym. A bad breakup can be good motivation to work out harder and let your ex see what they’re missing out on.
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Stop Making Excuses

There are many other excuses not to exercise, such as “it’s too hot,” “it’s too cold,” “it’s raining,” “I feel a little sore,” or “I’ll do it tomorrow, or next Monday, or next year.” But there are many good reasons for you to keep up your workout routine. It all starts in your mind. Don’t let yourself make excuses — get out there and work out. You can do it!

How do you overcome your excuses to not exercise?

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