Laura Creavalle – Professional Bodybuilder, Author, and Entrepreneur


Laura Creavalle is an IFBB Pro bodybuilder, author, chef, and trainer. She is one of the most popular figures in women’s bodybuilding, known for her professionalism and strong character.

Bodybuilding Champion

Laura has won numerous bodybuilding titles including three Ms. International and three Ms. Extravaganza titles. Laura also has the unique distinction of having the highest number of runner-up positions and the record for the most consecutive appearances in the most prestigious Pro Bodybuilding championship, Ms. Olympia. Laura was inducted into the IFBB Hall of Fame  in 2007.

Bodybuilding Spokeswoman and Promoter

Laura’s competitive success and beautiful smile have resulted in Laura posing for the covers of every top health and fitness magazine. Additionally, Laura is a published author, personal trainer, chef and nutrition consultant. Laura is world renown in these areas giving training and nutritional seminars throughout the world. Being asked to appear in Russia, Czechoslovakia, the Middle East, Canada and throughout the USA.

Top Consultent

Many celebrities, as well as other top bodybuilders, have consulted Laura because of her expertise in nutrition and diet.

Renowned Author

As an author, Laura has been published in hundreds of articles on nutrition and fitness. She is has authored a series of popular cooking and nutrition books and DVDs.  Laura was also a featured editor for Muscle and Fitness Magazine on Low Fat Cooking in the Muscle Fare Column.

Laura Creavalle YouTube

Laura is now President of Laura Creavalle Inc and Club Creavalle Training Camp in Pickering, Ontario Canada. Where she teaches exercise principles, preparing healthy smart meals, weight management and Nutritional Planning.

Contact Laura Creavalle

To contact Laura for personal training, nutritional consultations, personal appearances or other business endeavors you can try or

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