3 Reasons – To Drink Water Not Beer

Glass of ice water in front of a pint of beer with the caption "3 Reasons for Men to Drink Water and Not Beer".

It is Obvious That You Should Drink Water Not Beer

One of the most compelling ways for college students can stray from their workout routine, and a healthy diet is by drinking. Most people go to college saying that they are not going to drink too much, but many college students go off-course. You may think it is hard to say “No” when you are out having fun with others. You want to try your best not to fall into this problem by drinking copious amounts of alcohol because this will only cause you to gain weight. It will also make it harder for you to build muscle mass. If you are trying to stay fit you will want to drink water not beer.

1. Alcohol can make you overeat as well

Try to stay away from the cafeteria foods as well. You should avoid overeating and try to find foods that have nutritional foods but have many calories even if you are drinking light beer. Shots are the same way, just one can put you over 100 calories, and one mixed drink has over 1000. You should not drink if you have an endomorphic body and are having trouble trying to lose weight. It does not matter how healthy you are eating during the day if you drink all night long. Because of the way that beer and other drinks affect the body, you will be able to pack on the pounds, and you know where it goes.  There is a good reason they call it a beer belly.

2. Drinking Alcohol Will Dehydrate You

For every healthy diet water and hydration are essential.  Overdrinking alcohol will also dehydrate you and mess up your schedule. If you come home to drink, you get a hangover the next day, and you will not want to train. Taking a break may be fine if it is a rest day but you will probably want to stay in bed much longer too, and you may feel nauseous. These symptoms are going to cause you to miss meals. If you are drinking the night before, you will be dehydrated and lack the nutrients that are important. Drinking too much lead to you losing your appetite which will make you feel worse later.  These decisions will make your next training session even more difficult.

3. Lower Your Testosterone

This is not only for men. There are many other adverse effects of alcohol on your body if you are weight training. It will lower testosterone, which is the critical player in the amount of muscle mass that you build. If you are drunk, your inhibitions are also going to be lower, and this will cause you to make decisions that you would not typically make. Making poor choices can mean smoking or ordering at a fast food restaurant. Drinking every once in a while is going to be okay.  You probably know you need to slow down if you are doing it all the time.  You may be someone who should be looking into getting some help. Limit yourself to drinking a few drinks, or you can always be the designated driver to prevent yourself from lacking in your workout plan.

Here are some tips to change your habits and get you back on the right track toward your goals.  “Hacks for Getting and Staying Motivated.

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