13 Awe-Inspiring Benefits Of Exercise – The Best Drug Ever Created

13 Awe-Inspiring Benefits Of Exercise - The Best Drug Ever Created

What are the benefits of exercise? Are you looking for a wonder drug that can improve your sleep, mood, energy, strength, sharpen your mind and much much more? Look no further, we have the perfect drug for you … Exercise.

There are so many ways that you can benefit from exercise. It may sound too good to be true, but there are decades of solid science that confirm just how much exercise improves your health. It can even extend your life. You may find it hard to motivate yourself to exercise regularly. You might feel more motivated, though, if you knew about all the great ways that you can benefit from exercise. If you do as little as half an hour of moderately intense physical activity every day, you’ll see the results.

The Top 13 Inspiring Benefits Of Exercise

By exercising regularly, you’ll reap a number of benefits (1). Here are just a few. You’ll be able to:

  1. improve your sleep
  2. increase your energy levels
  3. build your strength
  4. improve your cardiovascular health
  5. keep your bones and joints strong and healthy
  6. reduce your stress levels and your risk of depression
  7. control your weight
  8. enhance your mood
  9. sharpen your mental acuity
  10. improve your self-esteem
  11. improve your sex life
  12. reduce your risk of developing a number of diseases and ailments such as heart disease, obesity hypertension, and diabetes
  13. reduce your risk for certain types of cancer, particularly colon and breast cancer

The Types of Exercise You Need

To get the best results, you should have a well-rounded exercise program with four important components. Each of these types of training benefits your body in a different way.

1. Aerobic Activity

Aerobic exercise helps you burn calories. It also raises your basal metabolic rate, which means that you’ll burn more calories even when you’re not exercising. Research shows that cardiovascular activity can also help you fight certain diseases. If you want to know more about Aerobic and Cardio check this out.

2. Strength Training

Strength training helps you build muscle and strengthens your bones and joints. Your bones lose calcium and weaken as you age. Strength training can help you slow or possibly even reverse this trend, though. Not only can strength training make you look and feel better, but it can also improve your performance of everyday activities like climbing stairs and carrying bundles. When you have stronger muscles, you’ll also have better mobility and balance. This lowers your risk of falling and injuring yourself. Finally, strength training also helps you build lean muscle. Lean body mass can help you control your weight because each pound of muscle burns more calories than an equivalent amount of fat does. If you need help creating a strength training plan look here.

3. Flexibility Exercises

Flexibility exercises can help you improve your posture and balance. Your muscles tend to shorten and weaken as you get older. When you have short, stiff muscle fibers, you’re more vulnerable to injuries, back pain, and stress. You can counteract this process by regularly performing exercises that isolate and stretch the elastic fibers surrounding your muscles and tendons. A great way to do this is to stretch before and after your workouts.

4. Balance Exercises

Balance exercises provide you with some great benefits as well. Perform them regularly to help reduce your risking of a fall that could lead to a temporary or permanent disability. Many strength-training exercises also help improve your balance, since both types of exercises strengthen your muscles and joints.

Where To From Here

To get even more benefits from exercise you also need to have a good _____. You know what goes in the blank. Many people consider it a naughty four-letter word that starts with “D” and ends with “T”. This is a clean website so there is no need for profanity here. Instead of the four-letter word let’s just call it “Eating Healthy“.

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