How-to Safely Perform Chest Exercise After Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation can be a life-changing procedure for many women, giving them the confidence and body image they desire. However, for those who enjoy exercising, it can be challenging to know how to continue working the chest muscles without affecting the implants. This is a common concern among post-operative breast augmentation patients. In this post, we will discuss how can women exercise chest after breast augmentation, the dos and don’ts, and some effective exercises to help maintain your chest muscles in a safe and healthy manner. So, whether you are a fitness enthusiast or just starting your fitness journey, make sure to read the entire post and learn everything you need to know.

What is Breast Augmentation?

What is Breast Augmentation? Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that involves increasing the size of a woman’s breasts by inserting artificial implants. This procedure is often chosen by women who are unhappy with the size of their breasts or have lost volume through breastfeeding or weight loss.

Can Women Exercise Their Chest Safely After Breast Augmentation?

Yes, women can exercise their chest safely after breast augmentation, but it is important to take precautions to avoid damaging the implants or causing it to move. While exercising the chest muscles can help tone and strengthen the area, women should wait until they have fully healed from the surgery before beginning any strenuous physical activity. It is recommended that women wait at least a few weeks after surgery before resuming exercise, and should start with low-impact activities such as light walking or gentle yoga. As the healing process progresses and the breasts become more comfortable, women can gradually increase the intensity of their workouts. However you should avoid chest exercises after breast augmentation.

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What Precautions Should Women Take?

To avoid damaging the implants, women should avoid any exercises that put excessive pressure on the chest, such as bench presses or push-ups. Instead, they may opt for exercises that target the surrounding muscles, such as the shoulders and back. It is also important to wear a supportive sports bra during exercise to reduce the risk of complications from the implants. A good sports bra should offer ample support and compression without putting too much pressure on the chest.

Overall, while it is important to allow time for healing after breast augmentation surgery, women can safely exercise their chest muscles with the right precautions and approach. Implementing a gradual exercise program and taking care to protect and support the implants can help women achieve their fitness goals while maintaining their breast augmentation results.

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Benefits of Exercising After Breast Augmentation

Benefits of Exercising After Breast Augmentation In addition to improving overall health and well-being, exercising after breast augmentation can have specific benefits for women. First, exercise can help to prevent complications such as capsular contracture, implant displacement, and implant rupture. Exercise also promotes natural breast tissue growth and improves muscle tone, which can help to support and enhance the appearance of breast implants.

Regular exercise can also have psychological benefits. Many women report feeling more confident and self-assured after breast augmentation, and exercise can help to further reinforce those positive feelings. Additionally, exercise can help to reduce stress and anxiety, which can be beneficial during the recovery period after surgery.

Of course, it is important to exercise safely and with consideration for your individual needs and limitations. By working closely with your plastic surgeon and a qualified fitness professional, you can develop a safe and effective exercise routine that supports your physical and emotional well-being.

Chest Exercises to Avoid After Breast Augmentation

When it comes to exercising your chest after undergoing breast augmentation, there are a few exercises that you should avoid. These exercises could potentially strain your chest muscles and damage your new breast implants. First and foremost, it’s important to avoid any exercises that involve heavy lifting or pushing, such as chest press and push-ups. These exercises put a lot of pressure on the chest, which could put the implants at risk.

However you should avoid chest exercises after breast augmentation. Specifically, you should avoid chest press (push-ups), chest flys and dips.

Additionally, exercises that work the upper chest muscles, such as incline presses or chest flys, should also be avoided. These exercises could put too much strain on the upper portion of your chest, potentially stretching the skin and causing your implants to shift. Also dips should also be avoided.

Dr Morales discusses exercising after breast augmentation

However, there are plenty of safe exercises that you can do to strengthen your chest without risking damage to your implants. Exercises like chest machine fly, dumbbell chest press, and cable chest fly are all great alternatives that won’t put too much strain on your chest muscles. Remember, always listen to your body and never push yourself too hard, especially in the weeks immediately following your breast augmentation surgery. By taking the time to carefully choose your exercises and approach them with care, you can safely exercise your chest and enjoy the benefits of a strong, healthy body.

Chest Exercises You Can Do After Breast Augmentation

After breast augmentation, it is important to exercise the chest muscles safely to avoid complications or damage to the implants. Yoga and calisthenics are great exercises to start with. They can help build upper body strength and posture while minimizing the risk of damage to the implants. For example, the Cobra pose in yoga strengthens the upper back and shoulders without putting pressure on the chest area. Push-ups are not recommended as they put direct pressure on the chest muscles which can cause the implants to shift or rupture. Instead, modified push-ups can be done with hands on an elevated surface, such as a wall or bench.

Resistance bands are another great option for chest exercises. They offer resistance without the added weight of traditional weights. Chest flies with the bands can work the chest muscles without creating too much pressure on the implants. It is important to start with light resistance and gradually increase over time to avoid injury or discomfort.

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Remember, safety is key when exercising after breast augmentation. Always listen to your body and avoid exercises that put too much pressure on the chest muscles. It is also important to consult with your surgeon before beginning any new exercise regimen.

Tips for Exercising Safely After Breast Augmentation

Now that you have an idea of some exercises you can do after breast augmentation, it’s important to exercise safely. Here are some tips to keep in mind: Start slowly: If you are newly recovering from surgery, don’t push yourself too hard. Listen to your body and gradually add intensity and duration as you feel comfortable.

Properly fitting bra: Wear a supportive sports bra designed for high-intensity workouts. A properly fitting bra keeps everything in place and helps prevent discomfort or injury.

Avoid chest-centered exercises in the first few weeks after surgery: In the first few weeks following surgery, it’s crucial to avoid exercises that target the chest muscles, such as pushups or lifting weights overhead. This is to ensure that the breast implants stay in place during the initial phase of healing. Focus on lower body and cardio exercises: Instead of chest-centered exercises, concentrate on lower body exercises like squats and lunges. Cardio workouts such as running, cycling, or swimming provide a great way to stay active and still give your chest muscles time to rest.

Talk to your doctor: Before starting any exercise regimen after surgery, make sure to talk to your surgeon about your specific recovery timeline and recommendations.

Incorporating these tips into your exercise routine can help ensure a safe and healthy recovery after breast augmentation surgery. Remember always to listen to your body, start slowly, and gradually build up as you feel more comfortable.


In conclusion, exercising after breast augmentation is possible, but it requires proper planning and procedures. To avoid complications and ensure safety, it is important to consult with your surgeon and a certified personal trainer. Remember to start slowly and increase the intensity of your workouts gradually. It is also essential to avoid any exercises that put excessive pressure on your chest muscles or implants. Resistance training with low weight, high reps, and slow motion is an excellent way to improve your chest muscles’ strength and tone without risking damage or injury. Cardiovascular exercises such as walking, jogging, or cycling can help you maintain a healthy weight and promote good overall health.

Finally, be patient and persistent. Don’t expect to see results overnight, and don’t get discouraged by setbacks. Stay positive, keep learning, and keep pushing yourself towards your fitness goals. With time, effort, and dedication, you can safely and effectively exercise your chest muscles after breast augmentation.

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