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Are you drinking enough water, most of us are not. You don’t realize you aren’t drinking enough water until you are already dehydrated. Here are some fantastic benefits of drinking water to help remind you to take a sip.

Primary Benefits of Drinking Water is To Stay Hydrated and Prevent Dehydration

Being dehydrated can ruin your day. First, when dehydration is starting to set in, you will feel tired for apparently no reason. The reason is you are dehydrated, even if you had enough sleep, without water you will feel tired. Next, you may start to get a headache. Finally, if you don’t start drinking some water, you can get light headed and dizzy as well.

7 Benefits of Drinking Water that Will Help You Lose Weight

You shouldn’t be surprised that there is a direct correlation between drinking more water and losing more weight. When you drink as little as 17 ounces more of water every day, you can burn up to 30% more calories. Because most of us don’t drink enough water, this extra water intake will also help you keep hydrated. Water is essential for life, and that includes your metabolism. Here are X reasons to help remind you to drink more water and lose weight.

1. You Eat Less Food

When you drink a glass of water before eating, you will eat less food. The water you will help fill you up so that you don’t consume as much and feel fuller. Most of us, when we don’t drink water before our meal will overeat.

2. Improves Your Nutrition intake

Water is essential to carry nutrients through our body, and this includes in our intestines. Your body uses the water to help absorb nutrition as well. When you are eating less food, like when dieting, it is more critical for your body to absorbs all the nutrients you give it.

3. Increases Your Metabolism

Drinking ice-cold water boosts your metabolism by merely heating the water. Drinking cold water is better for weight loss in colder weather, where your body is already trying to burn calories to stay warm.

4. Removes Toxins From Your Body

You can flush a lot of toxins by drinking plenty of water. When you Allow the toxins to build up in your system, your body will let you know. When toxins build-up, you will feel sluggish and tired, or even ill. Many people recommend doing a detox at least once a month, but if you always stay hydrated, you may not need to detox.

5. You Won’t Get Boated

The more water you drink, the less water you will retain. Many people, woman especially believe that they should drink less water, to prevent bloating. But these people have it all wrong and are making themselves get bloated. When you are regularly drinking water, your body knows it doesn’t need to retain the water you are giving it. But if you are not drinking enough water, your body will want to hoard the water you do give it, and that is how you get bloated.

6. You Feel Fuller

When you drink plenty of water throughout the day, you won’t be as likely to gorge yourself on everything you see. You will feel fuller as well as keep your mouth busy to alleviate the ‘need’ to munch. Water can also help with weight loss when you consumed it instead of sweetened juices and sodas.

7. You Burn More Fat

When you provide your body with water you can better burn fat. Specifically, water is required for your body to break fat down into sugar. Additionally, you use water to transport and use sugar. Accordingly, drinking plenty of water will make it easier for your body to perform all the functions it’s made to do.

When it comes to losing weight, you want to give your body all the tools it needs to do its job to the best of its ability. Drinking water provides your body with so many benefits, not just weight loss, that it only makes sense to drink plenty of it.

What if You Don’t Like The Taste

If you don’t like the taste of water, you can add some zero-calorie flavoring to it. Also, you might not like the taste of the water where you live. When your water tastes terrible try a filter. I have never heard a thirsty person complain about the taste of water, though.

Remember that drinking water and weight loss are connected. So don’t make the mistake of thinking that drinking soda, even diet, will be just as good as water, it’s not. Drinking water is the right thing for your general health!

How Much Water Should You Drink A Day?

Camelbak has an in-depth calculator to see how much water you should be drinking. Hydration Calculator

16 Benefits of Drinking Water For Your General Health

8. Help Your Organs Function

By drinking plenty of water, you will also keep your kidneys working properly. As a result, you allow your kidneys to do their job and eliminate toxins from the body.

9. Water Lubricates Your Joints

The Cartilage, found in your joints and your spines disks are about 80 percent water. When you are dehydrated, you reduce your joints’ shock-absorbing ability, leading to joint pain.

10. Reduces Tooth Decay and Improve Your Breath

Water forms saliva and mucus, and saliva helps us digest your food and keeps the mouth, eyes, and nose moist. Drinking water also cleans your mouth, and when you drink water instead of sweetened beverages, it will reduce tooth decay.

11. Support Your Digestive System

You have yards of intestines, can you imagine your body trying to push that food and waste through without water. When you get dehydrated, your Gastrointestinal (GI) tract’s ability to function goes down. Dehydration can lead to digestive problems, constipation, and an overly acidic stomach. Dehydration increases the risk of heartburn and stomach ulcers.

12. Maintains Your Immune System

Did you know that your GI tract is one of your primary immune system defenses? Your body stops most of the bacteria and viruses that could harm you in your GI tract. When you’re dehydrated, you leave yourself vulnerable to illness.

13. Improves Your Circulatory System

Blood delivers oxygen throughout your body, and your blood is more than 90 percent water. As a result, water carries oxygen to different parts of your body.

14. Improve the Health of Your Skin and Beauty

No one wants dry cracking skin. When you become dehydrated, your skin can become more vulnerable to skin disorders and premature wrinkling. Also, your skin is part of your immune systems, so it also fights off bacteria and viruses.

15. Protects Your Nervous System

Water cushions your brain, spinal cord, and other nerve tissue. When you are dehydrated, it can affect your brain structure and function. One of the early signs of dehydration is headaches because your brain needs water.

16. Water Regulates Your Emotions

Think about this. Water is involved in the production of all your hormones. When you have a hormone imbalance or not enough for the proper functions, it will affect your emotions.

17. Regulates Your Bodies Temperature

We mainly think of how water helps us stay cool. H20 is in the middle layers of your skin, and it comes to the skin’s surface as sweat when the body heats up. As it evaporates, it cools your body. In sport.

18. Water is a Detoxifier

Water flushes your body waste through sweating and removal of urine and feces.

19. Helps Maintain Your Blood Pressure

Water helps maintain your blood fluid. When you get dehydrated, your blood can become thicker, increasing blood pressure.

20. Improves Your Respiratory Function

When you are dehydrated, your airways restrict. You body restricts your airways to minimize water loss. People with allergies and asthma symptoms will be worse.

21. Improves You Mineral and Nutrient Absorption

Nutrition dissolves in water, which makes it possible for them to reach the parts of the body that need them.

22. Prevents Kidney Damage

Your kidneys control fluid in the body. Inadequate water can lead to kidney stones and other difficulties.

23. Increases Your Exercise Performance

If you become dehydrated during exercise, your performance will go down. Many athletes have seen that consuming more water improves performance during competition.

Time to Drink More Water

Most of us are more motivated by not getting negative results than we are about getting positive results. For example, we will drink more water once we start to feel a headache coming on. Although we need to find ways to ensure that we stay hydrated all the time to reap the benefits of drinking water. The best way to ensure your drinking more water is to plan how you will drink water. Buy yourself a nice water container that you are willing to take with you. If you keep giving yourself excuses then check out this out.

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