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Welcome to the ultimate resource for bodybuilding exercises! Here you will find comprehensive databases of exercises targeted to specific equipment, specific muscle regions and primary target muscle. With a wide variety of exercises to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect routine to help you achieve your fitness goals. So whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, you’ll find the right exercises here to get you on your way to bodybuilding success!

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Benefits of Strength Training with Bodybuilding Exercises

    • 1. Improved Muscle Tone: Bodybuilding exercise can help improve the tone of your muscles, giving you a leaner, more defined look.

    • 2. Increased Strength: Bodybuilding exercise can help you become stronger and more powerful.

    • 3. Enhanced Flexibility: Bodybuilding exercises can help improve flexibility, which can make everyday activities easier.

    • 4. Improved Balance: Bodybuilding exercises can help you develop better balance, which can help prevent falls and injuries.

    • 5. Improved Cardiovascular Health: Bodybuilding exercises can help increase your cardiovascular endurance and reduce your risk of developing heart disease.

    • 6. Improved Mental Health: Regular bodybuilding exercise can help reduce stress and improve your mental health.

    • 7. Boosted Self-Confidence: Regular bodybuilding exercise can give you a sense of accomplishment and increased self-confidence.

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Skeletal Muscle Diagram

Graphic with all major skeletal muscles labeled on a muscular man.

Exercises By Primary Muscle

Top Bodyweight Lower Back Exercises for Women: Get Fit at Home!

Strengthening your lower back muscles can improve posture and reduce the risk of injury. Try these bodyweight exercises to strengthen your lower back from the comfort of your own home! Click through to learn more about the best lower back exercises for women.

9 Best Cable Triceps Exercises for Men: A Simple Guide

Cable triceps exercises for men are essential for building upper body strength. Try these powerful cable moves to build muscle mass and definition. Click through for the complete list of exercises! #cabletricepsexercises #mensfitness

17 Dumbbell Biceps Exercises for Men: A Fitness Guide

Get ripped with dumbbell biceps exercises for men! From beginner to advanced, learn the best moves to tone your arms and strengthen your biceps. Click now to start your journey to a stronger upper body. #dumbbellbicepsexercisesformen

Male body builder performing dumbbell lat exercise dumbbell rows.

Best Dumbbell Lats Exercises for Men: Simplifying Fitness

Dumbbell lats exercises are essential for men wanting to build a stronger back. Learn the best exercises to target your lats and maximize your results! Click through to learn more and get started today. #dumbbelllats #exercisesformen

39 Dumbbell Shoulders Exercises for Men: Simplified Fitness

Strengthen your shoulders with dumbbell exercises for men! Learn the essential movements for men, including shoulder presses, lateral raises, and more. Get the complete guide and get started on your strength training today. #dumbbellshoulders #exercisesformen

Best Machine Lats Exercises for Men: A Fitness Guide

Machine lats exercises are a great way for men to build strength and size. Learn the best exercises and routines to maximize your gains and get the results you want. Click through to read more and start building your ideal physique today! #machineexercises #latsexercises #mensfitness

12 Cable Shoulders Exercises for Men: A Fitness Guide

Cable shoulder exercises are a great way for men to build muscle, strength and definition. Get your shoulders in shape with these easy-to-follow cable shoulders exercises for men. Click through to learn more! #cableshoulderexercises #mensfitness

2 Machine Lower Back Exercises for Men: Get Fit the Easy Way!

Strengthen your lower back with targeted machine exercises for men! Learn which machines are best suited for your body and how to use them for optimal performance. Click through for easy-to-follow instructions and tips for improving your lower back strength! #MachineBackExercises #MenLowerBackStrength

Top 4 Resistance Band Arms Exercises for Men – Build Huge Arms at Home!

Resistance band exercises are an effective way for men to build arm strength at home. This post covers the best exercises for arms, how to properly use a resistance band, and offers tips for safe and effective workouts. Get your arms in shape with these home resistance band arms exercises for men! Click through to learn more.

4 Best Home Resistance Band Back Exercises for Men

Resistance bands are a great way to strengthen your back muscles at home. Learn easy and effective exercises to do with resistance bands. Click through to see how to target your back and get stronger in no time! #HomeResistanceBandBackExercisesForMen

2 Home Resistance Band Calves Exercises for Men that Work

Strengthen your calves from home with resistance band exercises! Learn how to target your calf muscles with minimal equipment and get your lower legs looking toned. Click through to read our guide on home resistance band calves exercises for men! #ResistanceBandExercises #CalfWorkout

Top Home Resistance Band Legs Exercises for Men

Stay fit at home with these top resistance band legs exercises for men. Learn how to target your legs and glutes with effective resistance band workouts and get the perfect shape! Click through for more. #homeresistancebandlegsexercisesformen

11 Barbell Biceps Exercises for Men: Get Huge Arms

Barbell biceps exercises are a great way for men to build strength and muscle. From curls to hammer curls, find out the best exercises for gaining arm strength and size. Click through to learn more about barbell biceps exercises for men! #barbellbicepworkouts

8 Barbell Lats Exercises for Men: Widen Your Back

Barbell lats exercises are essential for men looking to build a strong back. Learn the best exercises and techniques to maximize your gains and get the most out of your workouts. Click through now to discover how to target your lats with barbells! #BarbellLatsExercises #BackWorkout #MenFitness

20 Barbell Shoulders Exercises for Men: Simplified Fitness

These exercises are for men looking to build strength and size in their shoulders. Many barbell shoulders exercises for men are overdone, from military press to bent-over rows. Here you will discover all the best barbell exercises for your shoulders. Get your workout plan now and start building bigger shoulders! #barbellshoulders #shouldersworkouts #mensworkouts

9 Best Bodyweight Lats Exercises For Men

Strengthen your back with bodyweight lats exercises for men. You can learn how to use your own body weight to target your lats and build a strong upper back. Click through for exercises and tips to get started! #bodyweightlats #latsworkouts #mensexercises

23 Machine Legs Exercises for Men: An Easy Fitness Guide

For many men, building strong and defined legs can be a challenge. Especially for those who struggle to see results with traditional free weight exercises. This can be a frustrating roadblock in achieving their fitness goals. The good news is that there is a solution to this problem. Incorporating machine legs exercises into your workout routine can help take your leg training to the next level. In this blog post, we will explore the top machine legs exercises for men and how to perform them effectively to build strong and powerful legs.

13 Dumbbell Back Exercises for Men: For a Broad Back

Dumbbell back exercises for men can help build strength and tone muscles. Learn how to get started with these simple moves that target the back. Click through to read more and get stronger! #dumbbellback #dumbbellexercises #mensfitness

16 Dumbbell Chest Exercises for Men: A Fitness Guide

Build a strong chest with dumbbell exercises! From incline presses to flyes, discover the best exercises for men to target their chest muscles. Read our post for a complete guide to dumbbell chest exercises now! #dumbbellchestexercises #menschestexercises #chestworkout

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