Alternating Dumbbell Hammer Curl To Build Your Outer Biceps

Alternating Dumbbell Hammer Curl To Build Your Outer Biceps

Alternating Dumbbell Hammer Curls are a well-known bicep building lift. Would you like to grow your arms efficiently and with outstanding technique? You’ll want to implement the techniques and tips from this guide and they will help you to get started today.

Alternating Dumbbell Hammer Curl Exercise Summary

  • Primary Muscles Worked: Biceps Brachii
  • Other Muscles (Secondary) Worked: Brachialis, and Brachioradialis
  • Equipment: Dumbbells
  • Mechanics Type: Isolation
  • Force: Pull
  • Utility: Auxiliary

Alternating Dumbbell Hammer Curl Procedure

  • You should begin by picking up the dumbbells with your arms hanging by your side.
  • Next lift one dumbbell up keeping your forearm straight like you were swinging a hammer.
  • Then lower the dumbbell back to your side, with your elbows still.
  • Switch arms and perform the rest of your first rep.
  • Do it all again until you have executed your ideal repetitions.

Muscles Used

Target (Agonist)

  • Biceps Brachii


  • Brachialis
  • Brachioradialis

Dynamic Stabilizers

  • None


  • Deltoid – Anterior
  • Levator Scapulae
  • Trapezius – Middle
  • Trapezius – Upper
  • Wrist Flexors

Antagonist Stabilizers

  • None


Should you want to attain the ideal benefits, you must focus on these basic tips. Similarly, when you prefer to thwart the probability of an injury, you would be wise to try these tips.

  • Complete the Appropriate Amount Of Sets Utilizing Rest. Your objective initially ought to be to do 3 sets to near failure. However, you can raise to 5 sets. If your muscle tissue aren’t exhausted at the conclusion of 3 – 5 some thing should change. Primarily you can increase the resistance to make each rep harder. Additionally, you can reduce the rest time in between your sets.
  • Make Certain That You Pencil In Recovery Days. In alternative to recovery you are able to incorporate into your program with biking. Only understand to enable your muscles to repair, healing is how your muscles grow.
  • Vary Your Training Sets Randomly With Different Weight And Repetition Mixtures. Like 3 set of 8-12 for a few weeks then 5 sets of 5 reps for a week or two.
  • Execute The Very Least 3 Of 8-20 Reps For Muscle Bulk. Generally there are various theories on how Hypertrophy is induced, most come to an agreement that sets using 60-80% within your 1RM can resulted in hypertrophy.
  • Push Yourself To Near Failing For You To Maximize The Teardown Of Your Muscular Tissues. Be sure to have established sufficient safety precautions when you’re pushing yourself to within failure.

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Mistakes to Avoid

You ought to refrain from these typical issues to have excellent form and develop definition. Also, when you prevent these issues you will prevent the possibility of getting injuries.

  • Don’t Relax Your Abs. Keeping your stomach tight to protect your spinal column by maintaining your internal pressure.
  • You’ll Do Better To Not Forget About Recovery Days. Overtraining can in fact help make you weakened in lieu bigger.
  • Avoid Cheating. In most the time, cheating is employing momentum as a substitute for the strength of your target muscle tissue. Occasionally, some cheating on your final rep can be beneficial to overload your muscle, although not for more than a handful of reps.

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Alternating Dumbbell Hammer Curl Recap

You at this instant have the means to complete alternating dumbbell hammer curl perfectly. At this time your future stage is to utilize alternating dumbbell hammer curl as a piece of a habitual weight training routine to train your Biceps.

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