Alternating Dumbbell Raise - How to Guide For Proper Form

Alternating Dumbbell Raise – How to Guide For Proper Form

Alternating Dumbbell Raise is frankly your next effective weight training activity to improve your shoulder strength. Are you searching for ways to acquire flawless technique and get stronger and broad deltoids fast? You’ll want to implement this post’s tips and avoid these mistakes to get started straight away.

Alternating Dumbbell Raise Exercise Summary

  • Primary Muscles Worked: Deltoid – Lateral
  • Other Muscles (Secondary) Worked: Deltoid – Anterior, Serratus Anterior, Supraspinatus, Trapezius – Lower, and Trapezius – Middle
  • Equipment: Dumbbells
  • Mechanics Type: Isolation
  • Force: Push
  • Utility: Auxiliary

Alternating Dumbbell Raise Procedure

  • Start by taking up the dumbbells and resting them on top of your thigh while standing straight up.
  • Now while keeping your arm straight rain the dumbbell up infant of you until your arm is parallel with the ground.
  • Pause and in the up position for a moment so that you are not swinging your arms.
  • Now you can lower one dumbbell as you raise the other, or you can lower one pause and raise the other.
  • If you pause you are less likely to use momentum and more likely to isolate your deltoid.
  • Continue until you have carried out a whole set.

Muscles Used

Target (Agonist)

  • Deltoid, Lateral


  • Deltoid – Anterior
  • Serratus Anterior
  • Supraspinatus
  • Trapezius – Lower
  • Trapezius – Middle

Dynamic Stabilizers

  • None


  • Levator Scapulae
  • Trapezius – Upper
  • Wrist Extensors

Antagonist Stabilizers

  • None


If you want to experience the greatest benefits, you should always focus on these simple and easy tips. Also, whenever you desire to avert your chance of an injury, you ought to adhere to these tips.

  • Watch Your Technique by Make Use Of A Mirror. You could think you are a little vain looking in a mirror when you are training, but you are not checking yourself out, you are making certain your form is effective.
  • Perform A Adequate Warm-Up Prior To You Begin Adding Your Heavy Weight. Not doing a proper warmup is the most prevalent way to injure yourself.
  • Always Keep A Training Journal. You need to have a log of all weights, sets and repetitions. If you are great you may also note your rest intervals. Now there are plenty of high-quality apps to use a journal, or you may simply try a little note pad.
  • Stay Hydrated. You’ll have considerably more energy and recover faster when you drink water while exercising.

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Mistakes to Avoid

You will need to refrain from these regular issues to build and maintain solid technique and see large gains. Moreover, when you avoid these mistakes you will decrease the odds of having an injury.

  • You Must Not Try To Use More Weight Than You Can Do Safely. You’re going to forfeit your technique and could very well end in a physical injury any time you make an attempt to work with more than you should.
  • You’ll Do Better To Not Conduct The Same Lifts Each And Every Moment. Any time you execute the same exercise every workout ones muscles is likely to be conditioned to perform that sole exercise good, but you will plateau sooner.
  • Stop Trying To Skip Out On Your Cooldown. You can minimize your healing period and lower soreness when you accomplish a good cool down.

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Alternating Dumbbell Raise Recap

You at this instant have the means to execute alternating dumbbell raise thoroughly. Now your future step is to implement alternating dumbbell raise as an aspect of a scheduled resistance training program to grow your Deltoid.

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