Alternating Dumbbell Vertical Front Raise - Your Simple How to Guide

Alternating Dumbbell Vertical Front Raise – Your Simple How to Guide

Alternating Dumbbell Vertical Front Raises are a well-known lift to train your shoulders. Would you really like to have perfect technique and build-up your deltoids now? Then utilize this post in order to commence immediately.

Alternating Dumbbell Vertical Front Raise Exercise Summary

  • Primary Muscles Worked: Deltoid – Lateral
  • Other Muscles (Secondary) Worked: Deltoid – Anterior, Serratus Anterior, Supraspinatus, Trapezius – Lower, and Trapezius – Middle
  • Equipment: Dumbbells
  • Mechanics Type: Isolation
  • Force: Push
  • Utility: Auxiliary

Alternating Dumbbell Vertical Front Raise Procedure

  • Commence by taking your dumbbells and hanging your arms at your side.
  • Lift one dumbbell up while maintaining your thumb side of your hand up.
  • Next, pause at the top with your arm horizontal.
  • Then lower your arm down before you raise the other arm and dumbbell up.
  • Keep alternating arms until you get your ideal range of reps.

Muscles Used

Target (Agonist)

  • Deltoid, Lateral


  • Deltoid – Anterior
  • Serratus Anterior
  • Supraspinatus
  • Trapezius – Lower
  • Trapezius – Middle

Dynamic Stabilizers

  • None


  • Levator Scapulae
  • Trapezius – Upper
  • Wrist Extensors

Antagonist Stabilizers

  • None


For you to develop the greatest outcomes, you should always focus on these simple and easy tips. Likewise, in case you desire to protect yourself against injuries, you must use these tips.

  • Watch Your Form by Using A Mirror. You may well believe a little vain looking in a mirror while you are exercising, but you are not adoring yourself, you are insuring your technique is solid.
  • Perform Good Warm-Up Prior To You Start Adding Your Weight. Not doing a proper warm-up is the most likely cause of injuries.
  • Inhale While You Extend Your Muscular Tissues And Breathe Out While You Contract Your Muscle.
  • Perform The Minimum 3 Of 8-20 Reps For Bulk. Now there are many theories regarding how Increased Muscle Size is triggered, they all agree with the fact that sets using 60-80% within your 1RM are going to cause muscle growth.

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Mistakes to Avoid

You have to not make these fairly typical issues to sustain solid technique and see large gains. Additionally, when you steer clear of these problems you will decrease the prospect of experiencing an injury.

  • Don’t Relax Your Core. Keeping your core tight to protect your spinal column by maintaining your internal pressure.
  • You Must Not Disregard Any Of Your Discomfort. Sore muscle tissue and an injury pain are certainly not always the same. Any time you experience painfulness any time you are training you should stop, or you may just make this injury even worse.
  • Try Not To Rush Your Training Session. When you speed through your work out you are likely to have poor form and accidents.

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Alternating Dumbbell Vertical Front Raise Recap

You should at this instant have the capability to engage in alternating dumbbell vertical front raise effectively. Now your future level is to execute alternating dumbbell vertical front raise as a part of a steady exercise program to build up your Deltoid.

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