Diamond Push Up: Popular Body Weight Compound Tricep Exercise

Are you tired of doing the same old push-ups and not seeing any progress? Do you feel like you’ve hit a plateau and can’t seem to improve your upper body strength? The problem could be that you’re not targeting your chest muscles effectively. Most people tend to neglect this muscle group and focus too much on the arms during push-ups, leading to an imbalanced physique and poor performance. But don’t worry, we’ve got a solution for you: Diamond push-ups. In this post, we’ll explain what diamond push-ups are, their benefits, and how to properly execute them to get the most out of your upper body workout.

Diamond Push Up Summary

Graphic image of a fit man performing alternate cable triceps extensions.

Diamond Push Up Instructions

  • Lie prone on the floor with your hands placed narrow with your thumbs and forefingers touching, making a diamond.
  • Press your body off the floor, extending your arms with your body straight.
  • Continue your diamond push-ups for 10-30 repetitions.

Video Tutorial

How To: Diamond Push-Up

Diamond Push Up Muscles

Target (Agonist)


Dynamic Stabilizers


Antagonist Stabilizers

Image of the skeletal muscular system with the muscles used in the diamond push up exercise highlighted in red and the rest in blue.

Benefits of Diamond Push Up

The Diamond Push Up is an excellent exercise for targeting the sternal head of the pectoralis major muscle. This exercise requires the user to place their hands close together in a diamond shape, with the thumbs and forefingers touching. The user then performs a standard push up while keeping their arms in the diamond shape. This is an effective way to isolate and strengthen the sternal head of the pectoralis major muscle, which is responsible for horizontal adduction of the arm and flexion of the shoulder joint. Performing this exercise regularly can help to build strength and size in the pectoralis major – sternal head, making it an essential part of any strength training or fitness routine.

Tips for Performing Diamond Push Up

You’ve come at the right location if you want to forge ahead your ability to conduct diamond push up. These tips can allow you to fully benefit from this first-class exercise and make the best of its results. You can develop your chest muscles, and even reduce your risk of experiencing an injury. Let’s begin right now and see what these suggestions may accomplish for you.

  • Start Slowly: Start with your knees on the ground and your hands in the diamond shape. This will allow you to get used to the form before progressing to a full diamond push up. This will help you build strength and confidence.
  • Keep Your Core Engaged: Make sure your core is engaged throughout the entire exercise. This will help you maintain proper form and maximize the effectiveness of each rep.
  • Utilize Variations: There are several variations of the diamond push up that you can do to keep things interesting and challenging. Adding in a clap or a pulse at the top of each rep can really amp up the intensity and get you results faster.

Benefits and Tips Video

Diamond Push Ups Benefits for Beginners

Frequent Mistakes To Avoid

Staying away from errors can mean the difference between a productive workout and an injury when executing diamond push up. Also, to maximize your benefits of the exercise, proper form is required. Through preventing these common mistakes, you will raise your ability to achieve your desired results. Not only can avoiding these mistakes make you stronger, but also can assist in you feeling more confident and inspired when at in the gym. So it is time for you to maximize your results from this exercise and enjoy the benefits of a successful workout.

  • Not using proper form: Many people make the mistake of not using proper form when doing Diamond Push Ups, which can lead to poor results and even injury.
  • Not having enough range of motion: Not pushing yourself to full range of motion with the Diamond Push Up can limit the effectiveness of the exercise, preventing you from seeing any fitness gains.
  • Doing too many repetitions too quickly: Doing too many Diamond Push Ups in a single set can cause fatigue and reduce the quality of your reps, leading to an ineffective workout.

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Variations and Complementary Exercises

There are several variations, complementary, or alternative exercises that can help you achieve the same results as a Diamond Push Up. These exercises work similar muscles and can help you target specific areas of your body. Below is a list of exercises that can be used in place of a Diamond Push Up.

Incline Push Up

Graphic image of Incline Push Up.

Incline Push Up is a great alternative or complementary exercise to Diamond Push Up. It is a great way to work your chest, triceps and shoulders while getting the same benefits as Diamond Push Up. The incline version of the push up is a great way to start if you are not yet strong enough to do the full version. To perform an Incline Push Up, place your hands shoulder-width apart on a bench, chair or any other elevated surface and then lower yourself until your chest touches the surface. Push yourself back up and repeat. This exercise can be modified in intensity by either increasing the incline or by adding weight. Incline Push Up is a great way to build strength and endurance while targeting the same muscles as Diamond Push Up.

Narrow Push Up

Graphic image of Narrow Push Up.

Narrow Push Up is a great exercise to add to your workout routine if you’re looking for an alternative or complementary exercise to the Diamond Push Up. This exercise requires you to place your hands much closer together than in a regular push up. This will target your triceps and chest muscles more intensely than the Diamond Push Up, giving you an even stronger upper body. It also works your core as you maintain balance and stability throughout the movement. Narrow Push Up will help you develop a stronger chest and triceps, making it an ideal alternative or complement to the Diamond Push Up.

Push Up

Graphic image of Push Up.

The Push Up is a classic bodyweight exercise that is an excellent alternative or complement to the Diamond Push Up. The Push Up targets the same muscles as the Diamond Push Up, such as the pectorals, triceps, and anterior deltoids. However, it is a bit easier to perform than the Diamond Push Up, making it a great starting point for those looking to build up their strength and endurance before progressing to the more challenging Diamond Push Up. Additionally, Push Ups can be modified to increase difficulty, allowing for progression over time.

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Push Up On Grips

Graphic image of Push Up On Grips.

Push Up On Grips is a great exercise to complement or substitute for the Diamond Push Up. It helps to engage the arms and shoulders more, as well as increase the range of motion. It is also beneficial for people who have shoulder mobility issues, as it takes the strain off the shoulder joint and allows the chest muscles to do the majority of the work. It is a great exercise to progress towards a Diamond Push Up, and can also be used to challenge more experienced lifters.

Push-Ups With Bands

Graphic image of Push-Ups With Bands.

Push-Ups With Bands are an excellent complement or alternative to the traditional Diamond Push Up. Push-Ups With Bands involve attaching a resistance band to a sturdy anchor point, such as a wall or doorframe, and then looping the band around your hands. As you lower yourself into the push-up position, the band will increase resistance, making it more challenging to push yourself back up. This type of exercise is perfect for those who are looking for an added challenge or who may not have the mobility to do a traditional Diamond Push Up. In addition, it also allows you to target your core and upper body muscles more effectively by forcing you to use both arms equally.

Superman Push Up

Graphic image of Superman Push Up.

The Superman Push Up is a great alternative or complementary exercise to the Diamond Push Up. It is a variation of the traditional Push Up that focuses on strengthening the entire core and upper body. The Superman Push Up requires you to lift your chest off the ground while keeping your arms and legs straight. As you lift, you should focus on contracting your abdominal muscles and back muscles as well as engaging your shoulder blades. This exercise will help strengthen the entire core, upper body, and even the lower body, making it an excellent alternative or complementary exercise to the Diamond Push Up.

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Opposing Complementary Exercises

To round out your workout and help build strength evenly, we recommend doing exercises that complement the Diamond Push Up by using opposing muscle groups. These exercises should be done after you finish your Diamond Push Up sets. Here are some suggested exercises to add to your routine:

Barbell Bent Over Row

Graphic image of Barbell Bent Over Row.

The Barbell Bent Over Row is an effective exercise for strengthening the muscles in the upper back and core. It is a great complement to the Diamond Push Up as it works the opposing muscle groups. This exercise is performed by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, and back flat. You then hold a barbell with a grip slightly wider than shoulder width, bend forward at the hips, and row the barbell up to your chest. By doing this exercise, you will be able to strengthen your upper back, lats, and core muscles, which are all opposite of the muscles worked by the Diamond Push Up.

Barbell Rear Delt Row

Graphic image of Barbell Rear Delt Row.

The Barbell Rear Delt Row is a great exercise to pair with the Diamond Push Up to create a balanced workout. This exercise targets the rear delts, which are the opposing muscle group to the chest and triceps used in the Diamond Push Up. By performing both exercises, you will be strengthening both sides of your shoulders for a well-rounded workout. The Barbell Rear Delt Row involves gripping a barbell with an overhand grip, then pulling it up towards your body while keeping your elbows close to your sides. This exercise should be performed slowly and with control to ensure proper form and the best results.

Cable Crossover Reverse Flys

Graphic image of Cable Crossover Reverse Flys.

The cable crossover reverse fly is a great complementary exercise to the diamond push up. This exercise focuses on the back muscles, specifically the rear deltoids and rhomboids. It is performed by standing between two cable machines and gripping the handles with a neutral grip. The arms are then extended outwards while the elbows remain slightly bent and the chest is held out. This exercise works the opposite muscle group to the diamond push up, helping to strengthen the entire upper body. Furthermore, it helps promote proper posture and stability throughout the shoulder area.

Get Stronger With Diamond Push Ups

Diamond push ups are a great way to target and strengthen your triceps. This exercise is performed by placing your hands together in a diamond shape on the floor and lowering your chest towards your hands. By keeping your elbows close to your body, you increase the activation in your triceps. As you become stronger, you can increase the difficulty of the exercise by moving your hands closer together or elevating your feet. Consistent practice of diamond push ups can lead to increased upper body strength and toned arms.

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