Lying Dumbbell Single Extension - Your Guide For Strong Triceps

Lying Dumbbell Single Extension – Your Guide For Strong Triceps

Lying Dumbbell Single Extensions are great isolation strength building lift for your Triceps. Do want a new triceps exercise to add to your arsenal and be a master at a new lifting technique? Simply start by using this tutorial to become an instant expert.

Lying Dumbbell Single Extension Exercise Summary

  • Primary Muscles Worked: Triceps Brachii
  • Other Muscles (Secondary) Worked: None
  • Equipment: Dumbbell and Bench
  • Mechanics Type: Isolation
  • Force: Push
  • Utility: Auxiliary

Lying Dumbbell Single Extension Procedure

  • Begin by getting a dumbbell and lying down on a flat bench with your head at the end of the bench.
  • You will start in a position with both palms under one side of the dumbbell with the handle going down between your hands.
  • Then, lower the dumbbell behind your head by bending at your elbows.
  • Finish the movement by pulling the your arms back to straight up with your triceps.
  • Continue to do it again to complete your desirable total reps.

Muscles Used

Target (Agonist)

  • Triceps Brachii


  • None

Dynamic Stabilizers

  • None


  • Deltoid – Posterior
  • Latissimus Dorsi
  • Obliques
  • Pectoralis Major – Clavicular
  • Pectoralis Minor
  • Rectus Abdominis
  • Serratus Anterior
  • Teres Major
  • Wrist Extensors

Antagonist Stabilizers

  • None


If you desire to generate the most effective muscle growth, you need to focus on these easily done tips. Similarly, whenever you desire to avert your chance of an injury, you ought to use these tips.

  • Stay Hydrated. You will have recover quicker and much more energy if you drink water during your exercise.
  • To Develop Power And Speed, Raise The Velocity Of Your Exercise. Preserve effective form or you might be more suboptimal to injuries. You will need to drop the weight to 50-60% of your single rep max weight when training for explosiveness. Also, you should now pause in between every repetition.
  • Stay Hydrated. You will have recover quicker and much more energy if you intake water while exercising.
  • Do At Least 3 Of 8-20 Repetitions For Muscle Growth. Presently there are several theories on how Hypertrophy is caused, they all come to an agreement that sets of 60-80% of your 1RM are going to resulted in increased muscle size.

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Mistakes to Avoid

You will need to not make these general issues to support effective technique and muscle gains. Additionally, when you prevent these issues you will prevent the prospect of developing injuries.

  • You’ll Do Better To Not begin using bad technique. Improper technique might be a rapid path to have a trauma.
  • Don’t Relax Your Core. Maintaining your abs tight to protect your back by maintaining your internal pressure.
  • Don’t Ignore Your Own Painfulness. Tender muscle tissue and pain from injuries are not always the same. Whenever you come to feel serious pain any time you are exercising you should stop, or you could simply just mhelp make this injury worse yet.

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Lying Dumbbell Single Extension Recap

You ought to at this point be able to complete lying dumbbell single extension thoroughly. At this time your future phase is to utilize lying dumbbell single extension as a piece of a periodic strength training program to train your Triceps.

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