Stability Ball Dumbbell Hammer Curl – Great Bicep Isolation Exercise

Stability Ball Dumbbell Hammer Curls are a great way to incorporate your stability ball into your bicep training. Are you focused on adding some balance and core work throughout your workout with a stability ball? Then you should implement the tips in this post to commence increasing you balance work immediately.

Stability Ball Dumbbell Hammer Curl Exercise Summary

  • Primary Muscles Worked: Biceps Brachii
  • Other Muscles (Secondary) Worked: Brachialis, and Brachioradialis
  • Equipment: Dumbbells and Stability Ball
  • Mechanics Type: Isolation
  • Force: Pull
  • Utility: Auxiliary

Stability Ball Dumbbell Hammer Curl Procedure

  • Begin by picking out your dumbbells and having a seat on a stability ball.
  • First allow your arms to hang to your side with the dumbbells, your palms should be facing each other for the entire movement.
  • Now, curl both dumbbells up to your chest in the hammer movement, squeeze your biceps at the top.
  • Lastly, lower your dumbbells back to the starting position.
  • Repeat until you have completed a entire set.

Muscles Used

Target (Agonist)

  • Biceps Brachii


  • Brachialis
  • Brachioradialis

Dynamic Stabilizers

  • None


  • Deltoid – Anterior
  • Levator Scapulae
  • Trapezius – Middle
  • Trapezius – Upper
  • Wrist Flexors

Antagonist Stabilizers

  • None


If you want to experience the most effective muscle development, you will need to use these easily done tips. Equally important, if you are looking to protect yourself against an injury, you will ideally learn these tips.

  • Push Yourself To Within Failing So That You Can Maximize The Atrophy Of Your Muscular Tissues. Be sure you’ve setup correct safety precautions if you are going to lift to near failure.
  • You Should Make Sure That You Schedule Rest Days. If you don’t want to recovery you are able to mix up your program with aerobic exercise. Only understand to allow your muscles to repair, healing is when your muscles grow.
  • Slow Your Exercise Down For Greater Gains. By Raising the time under tension you are working your muscles longer and they will respond by developing toned muscles. You can do this without increasing the resistance by slowing down you reps about 4 – 6 seconds constriction and pause then 4 – 6 seconds expanding.
  • Have A Plan At The Gym. You must plan your training session before you go when you have a objective. If perhaps your objective is simply to maintain, you should certainly still have a plan when you start training.

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Mistakes to Avoid

You should stay clear of these very common errors to have ideal technique and muscle gains. Additionally, when you prevent these errors you will lessen the possibility of experiencing injuries.

  • Don’t begin using poor technique. Inappropriate technique is a quick path to surely have a trauma.
  • Don’t Make It To Easy. The primary way to improve strength will be to challenge yourself.
  • Avoid The Urge To Perform The Exact Same Exercises Each Time. Whenever people execute the exact same lift every workout your muscle tissue is likely to be conditioned to do that single exercise nicely, but you will plateau sooner.

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Stability Ball Dumbbell Hammer Curl Recap

You ought to finally be ready to accomplish stability ball dumbbell hammer curl effectively. So now your following step is to utilize stability ball dumbbell hammer curl as a piece of a habitual muscle building program to develop your Biceps.

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